Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ok, I shall sign off now...but I have added a few new pics :o)

Love and peace!! 'Til next time :o)

Just an updated pic of Zac :o)

My cheeky man Jonah!!

I'm so cool, says cool Jo :o) hehe


This is the clown cake I made for him :o) hehe

Face painting :o)
Sam in the back there is Batman!!
and Zachary is having a little skull and crossbone painted on his cheek!!
Popping in again!!
Wow, how much time has passed this time? Ahhh, who cares anyway.........

I've just been stuck in a rut, and having a bit of trouble finding my way out :o(

I've abandoned my friends and support over at NC, but I miss everyone so much!!
I am not much company to anyone right now..... not even myself.

Much time has passed and lots has happened around me.....I've been here but not really fully :o(

Sam had his 6th Birthday!! :o)
It went well, but I was so disorganised that if I hadn't have had the support around me it probably would've been a flop!!
Kirsty was a wonder :o) To be honest I know I wouldn't have managed without her help...she just went around doing this that and alot more :o)
Thanks sweetie!!

We had a clown!! hehe Face painting and balloon animals :o) Kids had a ball!!
I made the cake :o) I rekon he was pretty cool...there is a pic under Sams section!! hehe

Mmm, what else has happened?
I'm still as disorganised as I ever was and it is really getting me down :o(
Problem is I don't know just how to go about getting turned around!
I just simply am not coping at the moment and havent been able to admit it...
Ok, I am heading off now..... I know that there is more to say but just for now I wont... maybe later?

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Here we go again :o)

I am so slack! It's not like I don't spend time at the computer, I'm just slack at keeping this updated :(

So, it has been a few weeks AGAIN!! I have misplaced my camers, so no pics as promised last time but I guess plenty to tell :)

We have moved, did I tell ya that? Same town just different suburb..hehe :o)
Just me and my boys!! It' a challenge but we are getting there!! Struggles with a teenager :( Same old same old..........

The boys are doing well, school's great and the kids are loving it!! Well all but the 13yo;) grrrr

I really ant to be keeping this updated for family and friends to 'catch up' with us :) I'll do my best :)

Must go as I have an 8yo calling me from the bath......
so bye for now

But I'll be back!! hehe

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Finally we meet again!!

I'm IN again!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is so much to catch up on..................

It has taken me MONTHS to work out how to get into my Blog :( OMGoodness :):) hehehe

It is almost 2am and I am about to head off to bed!

So fingers crossed I can get back in tomorrow to do a propper post and do a real update!!

Nite all and I'll be back soon :)

Monday, April 16, 2007

We went to the Melbourne Aquarium these school holidays :)

How cute is this Turtle/tortoise? I'm showing my ignorance here:(

These Jelly fish were glowing with the neons :) WOW!

Look at this Biggin'!!! That's Sam in front of him!! And they say the glass makes the fish look upto 25% smaller!!

Spider crab!! This one was dancing :) hehe

This is taking with the shark above! They swim over us :) Cool!!

I am finally back :) hehe
I logged myself out and couldn't work out how to get back in ;) Thansk soo much Genie for helping me!! moowahh :)

The boys have been on school holidays so this house is in total disarray :( School returns tomorrow, so I shall slowley get things back to 'normal'.

House hunting has been unsuccessful :( So far I have applied for 8 houses just thios past 3 weeks and all have been rejections! I am loosing the plot!!
I just looked at the calender and I have a month to the day to move!!!!!!

I am terrified :(

Well, it's nearing 1 am and I really should be off to bed......could you imagine if I slept in tomorrow!! Yikes!!!!! The kids arent staying home again....

Night all, and I will return soon :) ..............that's if I dont block myself again! hehe

Monday, April 2, 2007

I am sitting here at 2am! Trying to sort things through in my head. Another week has been and gone and still no housing :( The children have just started holidays and I had a phonecall from the lanlord who wants to come tomorrow to chat about my options! What does that mean? I know I need to move I know that he is tearing the house down! I am scared!!
I am about to go to bed, need to do nappies first ;) Almost forgot!
I am hoping tomorrow if full of happy news :) I want my phone to ring with news of a new place! I want a productive packing day! I want to go a day without me growling at the children because I am stressed about everything :)

I CAN do it :)

Lets hope I can bear great news tomorrow night :o)

My 2 middle boys sleeping soundly with their beds pushed together :)
Would you believe that through daylight hrs they actually attack eachother?
How sweet do they look!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My 3 eldest boys on the Big Ferris Wheel!

My biggest baby and my littlest baby! hehe

Jonah is never far when Matt has his notebook out :o) cheeky boy ;)

This is a fav of mine! Taken a while ago.

Tonight I have been having another play :)
I just joined Nappycinos' blogring!! That was FUN!!
Thanks April for helping out :) hehe

I have added a few more pics....and for some reason, the time/date thingy isn't true to my time so no one knows what was added when ;) Maybe I will work out how to fix at some point? hehe
April again :) My time/date thing has been fixed!! How helpful :) Thank you so very much!

Monday, March 26, 2007


This is my darling boy Zachary!

Zac turned 8 this year and ha sgone mad on basketball-for the time being anyway hehe :)

He is my little shy one who doesnt too much like to pose for the camera, but I plan on catching him out soon!


This is my boys Sam! He has just started school this year and loves it :)
Sam is my lovable happy boy!

Here are some pictures of my darling little boy Jonah :) Growing up too fast!
He is absolutely the love and light of my life!
I will add and edit as I work out what I am doing ;) hehe
But I want to get something going here or it just wont happen at all!

Matthew !!


I am sitting here again trying to work out how to get my posts from oldest to newest? I dont even know if that's how I want it set out ;)

Scrolling through other peoples Blogs I see that they are layed out so nicely , very organised and all labeled :( Maybe I will figure it all out? But for now, I guess you can share my scattered journey :) hehe

Scattered journey is probably a good description at the moment........I am going through a partnership breakdown, am in the midst of moving house! 2 weeks left and STILL not been accepted for a rental property :( Stress is an understatement!

I have been thinking of late that I also want this to be somewhere that family that dont get to see the family much can 'visit' :) See the boys, watch them grow!

I don't really know where I want this to go from here, I want to have different areas I guess for different visitors, those who are interested in different aspects of my life :)
I have many ideas but for now that's all they are......

I shall return at some point as I gather my ideas and bring them to reality :)
I have just been having a look around to see if I can work out this whole Blog thing!
Gosh, I feel like a fish out of water, but that's ok! How else will I learn :)

I have added a pic-took me a while to work out how- Taken recently from the Big Ferris wheel they had here! I love the picture as it says peace and serenity :) Something I am trying to achieve.....

I am going to try to sit here as often as possible and keep this updated :) I am house hunting and moving very shortly so there will be a delay! But that too will be something to share- this move will be signifying many changes in my life.